Personal Injury


  • If you need a lawyer, you should be aware of what a good one can do for you. They will carefully review your legal issue and consider all the options that are available to you. Once you have decided more »
  • The short answer is: absolutely. If you’ve been assaulted, you can press criminal charges and sue your antagonist for any injuries you’ve more »
  • Many lawsuits and criminal cases hinge on the concept of “negligence.” It’s especially common in personal injury law, since one party is claiming that another did — or didn’t do — something that more »

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  • Children’s aid societies advocate for children, families, and community services. There are approximately 50 children’s aid societies in Ontario. They are not-for-profit agencies that provide more »
  • A person who is employed and qualifies for workers’ compensation benefits often gets them, but did you know that if the worker dies on the job, the surviving spouse or child could be entitled to more »
  • People often don’t have a clear idea what abuse or assault involves. Generally abuse and assault is a way to control a person with threats, emotional manipulation or more »
  • Employers are required by the occupational health and safety act of their province or territory to maintain a safe working environment for employees and to take every precaution reasonable to more »
  • “Winter is coming.” So goes the famous quote from Game of Thrones. With that lovely season, there is an increased likelihood of accidents, including slip and fall more »
  • The word liability means being responsible for something. In law, it means legal liability, also referred to as “personal liability.” This is defined as liability arising from personal more »
  • When it comes to car-bicycle collisions, most people probably aren’t thinking about the damage a car will sustain. Generally, a 10-speed with a bell doesn’t pose a big threat to two tons of steel, more »
  • “Inevitable accident” is a defence used in motor vehicle accident lawsuits whereby nobody is deemed liable due to factors beyond the driver’s more »
  • Dog owners, be warned: you could feel a legal bite for your best friend’s aggressive more »
  • Small claims court is a sort of “do-it-yourself” system for small-scale lawsuits. It’s more informal and cost-effective than other courts. It employs simpler rules you can easily represent yourself more »